Objectives, Goals, and Philosophy

KISAM stands for “Kyman Integrated Sales and Marketing”

We are a firm that helps you grow your business in several different and sometimes unique ways.

It's a sad day when one of your customers comes to you and tells you that they are leaving you through no fault of your own, or anything you have had control over. We've all had that happen, and therefore most organizations must be continually be getting new accounts. Most salespeople have good intentions about making cold calls first on the phone and then in person, but never seem to have the time to work it in – especially your veteran salespeople.

Our first objective is to get you, your sales manager, your sales people or all of the above comfortable making cold calls to strangers to get appointments. We show them in your office how to do this by live example. Our next set of goals is to show your staff:

•  When to make a cold call

•  What to say to get an appointment on a cold call

•  Go with your salesperson on the first, or possibly the second call, and make sure that we set up future appointments

•  We find programs to talk to your customers about. These programs focus on things you do better than your competitors. We do this without showing samples or talking about pricing.

Most owners of small and middle-sized firms feel that their product and (or) industry is different and unique. We only partially agree with that because most people buy for many of the same reasons, and most organizations are made up of the same basic ingredients.

You don't have to sign any binding contracts with us, and if you are unhappy for any reason, we will leave. We work on a monthly retainer, and, if we do our job properly, you should be ahead financially in 2-4 months. A good many owners of companies and top executives often feel they are paying too much for the services mentioned in this web site, and most people that are able to perform these services often feel they are not charging enough. Therefore we carefully cost out each engagement and are able to offer very reasonable pricing. We will make it affordable for you!

We come in once or twice a week, go out on the road with your people, and do additional work in our own offices for you. Our typical engagement with a client usually runs five or six months; we then leave and come back a year later for another five or six months. We have had some clients for a total of five months and others for a total of five years.

No customer is too small or too large. We have had customers who are one-man organizations as well as others that were Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of your size, our objective is to give you our full and undivided focus and attention.

Here Are Some Mistakes We Find Veteran Sales People Making

  1. They fail to keep informed of new developments in the industry.
  2. They become less creative and spend more and more time in “service” selling. They fail to develop new contacts.
  3. They lose incentive and enthusiasm. Their motivation and desire seem to fade.
  4. They become careless in their grooming.
  5. They spend too much time talking about the past. (If what you did yesterday still looks good to you, it may be because you haven't done anything important today)
  6. They become bogged down in non-selling functions and devote fewer hours each day to their selling assignments.
  7. They neglect their most important asset – their health.
  8. They become negative thinkers and engage in unwarranted gossip or criticism of fellow workers and company executives.
  9. They talk too much and listen too little.
  10. They gradually lower their goals in sales and earnings.
  11. They lose their sense of humor, their smile, and their friendly manner. Their sales personality loses its vitality.



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